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Merkos 302


Development + Design Merkos 302

We work together with Merkos 302, on the platform that seeks the advancement of all Jews worldwide through a digital environment that integrates everything. An omnichannel system that allows access to the Chabad world seamlessly and easily for any Shluchim, has a direct impact on the mission of Merkos 302.

Product Development

In product development, several solution areas were established that allow us to address important issues such as efficiency and productivity, engagement, communication impact, and security.
Through customer analysis, each of the planning stages is developed, validating and enhancing each strategic decision. Focusing 100% of our efforts on the fulfillment of the objectives, giving value and relevant use to the data, and working under an agile methodology that implies a permanent exchange with the whole team, is what allows us to define original strategies to achieve maximum efficiency in the results.


Each user interface of the platform is structured to maximize user participation, optimizing the productivity of the shluchim and the communication of Merkos 302.


Our vision is to develop a multi-layered platform, supporting integrated components for different functions and programs. This will allow each user to enable or disable different components, and even include third-party components in the platform.
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