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Development + Design Ieladeinu 

Ieladeinu is the program of the Argentine-Jewish Community, created to promote, protect and restore the rights of children and adolescents, and overcome the trauma they endure as a result of suffering situations of abuse within their families’ environment.
The application aims to help Ieladeinu's social workers with their daily routines, allowing them to manage, analyze and monitor resources, families, and children assigned through data collection;  and at the same time to be communicated and notified of all the news happening in the Institution.


On the technical side, our solution is implemented in Azure cloud services which give us a high flexibility to scale in and out, according to the needs of the moment.
The back office front-end is developed using Vue.js and the backend is fully developed using Node.js. Both are implemented in Azure web applications and the non-relational database is managed using Azure CosmosDB

The first step at the beginning of the project, we seek to empathize with the users involved. In this case, those responsible for the Ieladeinu program, with whom we could know the user profile, and therefore identify the requirements and problems, in order to find a solution,
For the development of the concept and design of the prototype of the user experience of the interfaces of the ieladeinu app, we first seek to empathize with the user and know their profiles. Subsequently, the requirements were evaluated, and the need for an app was identified, which allows to see and manage quickly and easily the parameters of the well-being of children and adolescents defined, allowing to know the performance in schooling, health, integration and resources for each child and adolescent part of the program.
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